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The EnoWeb was created in 1993. Since that time, it's gathered a fair amount of material about its ample waistline. This easy-to-follow guide lays bare the inner workings of the EnoWeb; it's not a pretty sight, true, but it's jolly useful all the same. We don't actually have much of a directory structure, so we've decided to forget the "family tree" approach and just go for a neat list instead.

Framed menu and EnoWeb banner.

Welcome to EnoWeb
Explains the site's reason for being.

Contacting Eno
As this page explains, interaction with Brian Eno is not encouraged.

Interviews and articles
A sub-directory containing an extensive archive of interviews with, and articles about, Brian Eno. Far from the usual run-of-the-mill publicity puff, these articles provide an excellent background to his work and opinions on just about anything.

Links to other Eno material
Links to external sites with Eno content such as Alex Rubli's Nerve Net, and also to sites featuring other artists/projects with an Eno connection, or unrelated sites the EnoWeb likes to drop in on.

New to Eno? Start Here!
Provides information for those new to Brian Eno and suggests introductory album choices.

Frequently Asked Questions
Three large FAQs on Brian Eno, his collaborators and his music, although there are cross-overs. If you want to know who he is, what Snake Guitar is, or what happened to My Squelchy Life, the answers are here.

Eno News
Probably our most popular feature, this page presents the most up-to-date news on Brian's public activities. Older news is archived on the 1997 news and warsong.html pages, the latter named after the first story we carried.

Eno Lyrics
In the earlier part of his solo musical career, Brian Eno created songs with some of the most bizarre lyrics put down on vinyl. This page links to separate pages for each of his song albums and singles.

Ask Eno!
This sub-directory contains the next best thing to being able to talk to Brian Eno direct. Form a question in your mind, then click anywhere on the image map to hear an obscure response from him. Requires a sound playing capabilities, a web-browser that handles client-side image maps (most of the latest versions do) and patience (waiting for the sound clip to download).

Search the Enocyclopaedia
The Enocyclopaedia was envisaged as a way to link all the information in all the EnoWeb's pages into one coherent whole. It took many hours to put together but nobody was really interested!

Eno's Squelchy Life
Like this site map, a sub-homepage providing links to most of the EnoWeb's other pages, many never updated since the dawn of time.

Picture Gallery
Marvel at some poor-quality scans and some original pictures exclusive to the EnoWeb.

Ferociously detailed list of records, albums and appearances.

From the early days of the EnoWeb, this page links to lists of Brian's musical and artistic output.

References to Brian-Eno-related books and publications.

Liner Notes
Ever the theorist, Brian often includes essays with his albums explaining how they were made. This page links to pages containing some of those essays -- including how to make your own ambient music system.

Unthinkable Futures
Creative what-if scenarios.

Venice Installation
Brian's notes from an installation in Venice.

An fishy MP3 file, a MIDI and Windows 95/98 Plus! Theme.

Obscure Records
Details of Brian Eno's first own label.

Opal records
Details of Brian Eno's company, from the days when it represented many artists now found on the All Saints and Caroline labels.

Videos and films
A list of Brian Eno videos, films & television programmes, some no longer available.

Contact addresses
Addresses for Opal Information and dated details for Eric Tamm's thesis.

Oblique Strategies
A short article about the Oblique Strategies, a link to Gregory Taylor's dedicated Oblique Strategies site, and links to many of the sites offering on-line Oblique Strategies.

Advent Millennium
An article about the 1000-day calendar which Brian was involved with.

A page allowing visitors to send us e-mail. Not a form, though.