FAX +49-69/450464

PHASE II: 1994 - mid 1995

After Air II, FAX increased the limitation to 1000 copies worldwide. By this point, FAX had also switched over from the predominantly 12" vinyl format to full length compact discs. Unless otherwise noted, all items in this particular discography were on CD.

During this time, the main PK label saw a significant decrease in output while the two sublabels evolved further. There is the "triangle" label or just plain "sublabel" which has a triangle over a circle (in the upper right as usual). The vinyl records on this label have the text and the circle in white while the label is always black. For the CDs, the trimmings are gold and the background usually has some pretty impressive looking artwork that varies quite a bit.

This sublabel is indicated by a catalog code of PS. Pete Namlook has nothing to do with this label musically but provides it instead as a support label for independent and underground artists. The styles vary quite a bit. In the early days it focused more on hard trance and acid but lately it has been mostly ambient and soft trance from environmental and ethnic to intelligent. A number in the triangle does not indicate a project but which release it is for that artist. For example, Gorn with a number 2 in the triangle means that this is the second record Gorn has put out on this sublabel. On the 34 week of 1993, the PS/triangle label released its own version of Compilation 1 not to be confused with FAX's own main label Compilation 1.

The "world" sublabel replaces the usual circle with a picture of the earth from space and the catalog code is PW. This label is set up for collaborations with artists around the world who are outside of Germany. The only records released on this sublabel have been Dreamfish and Glitch which were later released on their respective full length CDs.

A good way to keep track of the codes is PK=Peter Kuhlmann, his main label. PS=Peter's sublabel and PW=Peter's World label. Compilations have all come on CD and in 1000 copies worldwide. See the "fax from FAX" section. Collector's box sets are rare and expensive. I saw collector's box 3 in 1993 which had all 16 records that made up series 3. I almost bought it but it cost over $150 which I didn't have at the time. Many of the earlier releases have been licensed to other labels such as Rising High (UK), Music Man (Belgium) and R & S (Belgium). This did not work out so well and so Peter started a new label for unlimited distribution called "Ambient World."

Release: List:                  Release Week/Licensed to/Description:
PK08/85 Air II                  03/94 "Travelling Without Moving" (Amb.) PN
SEA01   Seasons Greetings       04/94 Total Chill-No beats w/Namlook
PK08/86 Best of XS Replugged    05/94 Live-Ambient Compilation w/Deep Space   
                                      Network, Namlook (Air Remix), Mark N-R-G
                                      and Mario Hana
PS08/37 Houdini 12"             05/94 Dance w/Simon Ellis (prev. Zero Gravity)
PS08/36 Atom Heart "Orange"     06/94 Ambient with Atom Heart
PW10    A New Consciousness     07/94 Ambient with Chales Uzzell-Edwards
                                      (Anarchic) & P.N.
PW11    From Within             08/94 Ambient/Intelligent with Richie Hawtin
                                      of +8 Records & P.N.
PS08/38 Houdini                 09/94 Dance w/Simon Ellis (Zero Gravity)
PS08/42 Biosatellites 2 12"     09/94 Dance with DJ Criss & 
                                      Tobias Balle-Peterson
PS08/39 The Whole Traffic       10/94 Ambient/Intelligent with Dr. Atmo with 
                                      Pino Shamlou and Wildjamin
PK08/87 Escape (2CD)            11/94 Ambient Dance with Dr. Atmo & P.N.
PS08/43 Ambiant OTAKU           12/94 Ambient with Tetsu Inoue
PS08/40 Music to Films          12/94 Ambient with Dr. Atmo & Oliver Lieb 
        "Kooyanisquatsi"              of Spicelab/Harthouse Records.
PS08/41 Atom Heart              14/94 Monochrome Ambient with Atom Heart
        Live at sel l/s/c"
PS08/44 Gorn 3 12"              15/94 Dance with Massimo Vivona & Bela Cox
PK08/88 Namlook III             15/94 Elektro-Ambient with P.N.
        "Aliens in My Suitcase"
PW13    Psychonavigation        16/94 Ambient w/Bill Laswell & PN
PK08/89 Namlook IV              17/94 P.N. Live in San Francisco
PS08/47 Gate/Sol                18/94 Melodic Ambient, Charles Gate/Victor Sol
PS08/46 +N "plane"              19/94 Elektro-Ambient Atom Heart & Victor Sol
PS08/45 Sad World 2             20/94 Ambient w/Dr. Atmo & Ramin
PW14    Alien Community 2       21/94 Ambient with Jonah Sharp & P.N.
PS08/48 Zenith                  22/94 Ambient w/Tetsu Inoue & Carlos Vivanco
SEA02   Seasons greetings       22/94 Environmental Ambient w/Namlook
PW15    Create                  23/94 Ambient w/Charles Uzzell Edwards & P.N.
PW12    2350 Broadway 2         24/94 Ambient with Tetsu Inoue & P.N.
PK08/90 Namlook V               25/94 P.N. Live in London - Wembley
PS08/49 Transonic               26/94 Ambient with Robert Musso 
                                      (Bass by Bill Laswell)
PS08/50 Cymatic Scan            27/94 Ambient with Bill Laswell & Tetsu Inoue
- - -   Collector's Box with all Sublabel(triangle)12" Maxis limited to 40 Boxes
PK08/92 Namlook VI              34/94 P.N. Live at Cubik - Switzerland
PS08/61 Spacetime Continuum     38/94 Environmental Ambient with Jonah Sharp
        "Sea Biscuit"
PK08/91 Music for Ballet        39/94 Ambient music for ballet "Electro Clips"
                                      by P.N. Theater Am Turm-Frankfurt+94
PK08/94 SYN 5 12"               40/94 Environmental-Hardcore with P.N.
PW17    Wechselspannung         40/94 Electro with Jonah Sharp & P.N.
SEA 04  Seasons Greetings       40/94 Environmental Ambient with P.N.
PK08/96 The Dark Side of the    41/94 Electronic Music w/Klaus Schulze & PN
PS08/56 I.F. 2                  42/94 Ambient with Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network
PS08/54 Recurring Dreams of the 43/94 Environmental Ambient with Chris Meloche
        Urban Myth
PS08/53 Softcore                44/94 Intelli-Ambient with Atom Heart
PK08/93 Namlook VII             45/94 PN Live at Interference Festival 
                                      Berlin/Loveparade=Subharmonic Premiere= 
PS08/62 Daniel Pemberton        46/94 Ambient with Daniel Pemberton
PW19    Outland                 47/94 Ethnoelectronic Environmental with 
                                      Bill Laswell & P.N.
PS08/51 Electro Harmonix        47/94 Ambient with Tetsu Inoue & Jonah Sharp
PK08/95 SYN                     48/94 Environmental + Dance with P.N.
PS08/66 Bill Laswell            48/94 Ethno-Environmental with Bill Laswell
        "Outer Dark"
PS08/64 Uvoii                   49/94 Ambient with Dr. Atmo, Blaine L. 
                                      Reininger & Bassline Productions
PS08/67 Transonic 2             50/94 Ethno-Environmental with Robert Musso
PK08/97 Namlook VIII+IX 2CD     50/94 Environmental with PN "Live at 
                                      +Melkweg+ Amsterdam and +Fuse+ Brussels"
Pause                           51/94
Pause                           52/94
PS08/59  XJacks                 01/95 EnvironMENTAL-Ambient with Dandy Jack 
                                      & Victor Sol
PS08/60  Otras                  02/95 Ambient with David Reeves
PW18     A New Consciousness 2  03/95 Environmental with Charles Uzzell-Edwards   
                                      & P.N.
PS08/57  Organic Cloud          04/95 Ambient with Tetsu Inoue
PS08/55  The Whole Traffic 2    05/95 Car-Ambient w/Dr. Atmo, Pino & Wildjamin
PS08/58  Aerial Service Area    06/95 Ambient with Victor Sol, Niko Heyduck &
                                      Atom Heart
PS08/52  A Day in the Park      07/95 Ambient with Dr. Atmo, Pino & Wildjamin
PS08/63  Solitaire              08/95 Ambient with David Moufang of Deep
                                      Space Network
PK08/98  The Putney 2           09/95 Electronic Krautrock w/Ludwig Rehberg(EMS)
                                      & P.N.
PW20     Shades of Orion 2      10/95 Deep Chill with Tetsu Inoue & P.N.
PKPWPS3  The Ambient Cookbook   11/95 4-CD Ambient-Compilation including Pete's
                                      favorite recipes
PS08/65  Xangadix               12/95 Ambient-Trance with Pino & Wildjamin
PS08/68  Otras 2                13/95 Environmental Ambient with David Reeves
PK08/100 Namlook X              14/95 Environmental with P.N. "Live in Florida"
PS08/69  Chris Meloche          15/95 Environmental Ambient with Chris Meloche
PK08/99  The Dark Side of the   16/95 Electronic music w/Klaus Schulze & P.N.
         Moog 2
PS08/70  The MS-Series          17/95 Beat-oriented Ambient with Pino &
PS08/72  Aerial Service Area 2  18/95 Ambient with Victor Sol and Niko Heyduck
PW21     62 Eulengasse          19/95 Ambient with Tetsu Inoue & P.N.
PS08/75  Modula Green           20/95 Enviromental with redruM and Mark P
PS08/76  Oskar Sala             21/95 Electronic Music with Oskar Sala
         "My Fascinating Instrument"
PK08/104 Koolfang "Jambient"    22/95 Ambient Jazz with David Moufang & PN
PK08/105 The Dark Side of the   22/95 Electronic Music with Klaus Schulze & PN
         Moog 3 =12" EP=
PS08/71  Solphax                23/95 Ambient with Victor Sol
- - -    Collector's Box 5      23/95 Limited (38) Box set of the 5th series
PK08/103 Kooler                 24/95 City Enviromental with Robert Sattler & PN
PS08/77  Fanger & Siebert       25/95 Beat-oriented Electro-Ambient with
                                      Fanger & Siebert
PS08/74  David Reeves           26/95 Enviromental with David Reeves
         "In Starless Space"
PS08/73  Xangadix 2             27/95 Beat-oriented Ambient Trance w/ Pino &
PK08/102 Jet Chamber            28/95 Electronic Music with Atom Heart & PN
SEA03    Seasons Greetings      31/95 Environmental with P.N.
PS08/78  Second Nature          32/95 Environmental with Atom Heart, 
                                      Tetsu Inoue and Bill Laswell
PS08/80  Tetsu Inoue            33/95 Environmental with Tetsu Inoue
         "Slow and Low"